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The Isdal Woman

We don’t have any Norwegian listeners, but we do have Swedish and Finnish listeners


Norway is a lovely place

  • Mountains

  • Fjords

  • Oil

  • Oslo, August 31st

Oslo is the largest city in Norway but Bergen is the 2nd largest.

  • Just outside Bergen there’s an icy and dangerous area called the Isdalen Valley

  • A family was hiking one day on November 29th 1970 in an area known as “Death Valley

    • Came across a body

    • It was a woman’s body lying on her back with her hands up in a boxing position

    • The front half of her body had been badly charred but her back was unscathed

    • Additionally, they found an empty bottle of liquor, sleeping pills, two partially charred plastic water bottles, a burned plastic container, remnants of rubber boots, a scarf, a melted spoon, an umbrella, and a watch with two earrings and a ring that were placed neatly near the body but not on it.

    • The tags on her clothes had also been ripped off

  • When autopsy was conducted it was determined she swallowed over 50 sleeping pills

    • Her face was unrecognisable

    • Had a strange bruise on her neck

    • She had some strange dentistry that indicated it had been done in Asia, central or southern Europe, or South America

    • She also had smoke in her lung meaning she had been alive while burning

  • Police launched a full investigation

    • Sketches were made

      • Published in Norwegian media and distributed by INTERPOL

    • During the course of the investigation, two suitcases were found in Bergen

      • In the suitcases police found

        • Clothing with the labels removed

        • A prescription lotion with the prescription details removed

        • Norwegian money

        • A similar spoon

        • A few mysterious diary entries

        • And a pair of sunglasses with the Isdal Woman’s fingerprint on the lense

        • Also found German money hidden in the lining of her suitcase

    • Police discovered that the Isdal woman had traveled around Europe with at least 8 fake passports

    • A man who worked in a shoe store identified her as a woman who had bought boots from him

      • He provided a description of the boots the woman had died in

      • She apparently had been well dressed

      • Smelled like garlic

    • Other witness claimed she wore wigs

      • Spoke French, German and poor English

      • Stayed in several hotels in Bergen and repeatedly changed rooms after checking in

        • Ate porridge with milk

    • Police eventually also discovered that the mysterious notes in her suitcase corresponded to dates and locations she had been in throughout Europe

    • In 2016 a DNA profile was made from her teeth that suggested she was European possibly from France

      • In 2017, isotopic analysis of her teeth revealed that she probably spend her early childhood in central or eastern Europe but her adolescence farther west


  • Official explanation

    • Suicide

      • Taken 50 sleeping pills

  • Accident

    • Perhaps she had fallen into a bonfire and fallen down a cliff

      • Had used a lot of hairspray

      • Gas was found nearby

  • Murdered

    • Strange behavior

      • Wigs

      • Passports

      • Seemed nervous

    • Theorized that she was a spy