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Darlie Routier

The Murder:

  • June 6, 1996

  • 6 year old Devon and 5 year old Damon were murdered with their throats slashed. Their mother Darlie Routier also had her throat slashed, but the carotid artery was not slashed (the wound came within 2 mm) and she survived

    • Her carotid artery may have been preserved because she was wearing a necklace which was embedded into her wound, getting in the way of the artery and later removed by a surgeon

  • The boys’ father was sleeping upstairs with their brother 7 month old Drake and did not hear the encounter. Neither Drake or Darin were harmed.

  • Darlie called 911

    • The press release given by the police of the incident claimed that Darin slept through the encounter, but his voice is heard in the background of the 911 call telling Darlie to get towels to aid their dying son Damon - could just be a misunderstanding

    • The 911 call recording was “enhanced” for the jury, the full original recording was not played during the trail

  • The window screen in their garage had been cut, possibly giving a point of entry

  • The police arrived on the scene 3 minutes after the 911 call

  • Several neighbors gave the same story that they did see a strange man wearing a black baseball cap in the neighborhood and provided a description of his car

  • A bloody fingerprint was also found in the home which did not belong to any of the family members

  • 2 murder weapons were used, but only one was found

    • The injuries were different depths confirming use of two weapons in addition to Devon’s blood not being found on the weapon

  • Darlie was taken to the hospital and was treated and released 2 days later

    • Her emergency surgery cost the family $12,000


The Arrest:

  • 8 days after the murder Darlie and family were celebrating what would have been Devon’s 7th birthday

    • They celebrated by having a solemn commemoration in honor of the deceased followed by a birthday party including silly string which Darlie sprayed on the boys’ graves

    • A video of the party was given as evidence of Darlie’s lack of grief which lead investigators to believe that she may have been involved in the deaths of her sons

  • Darlie was arrested 4 days after this birthday party for the murder of Damon only, not Devon

    • Keep in mind that Damon was still alive during the time of the 911 call and attempted aid was given by his parents


The Investigation/Trial

  • The motivation given for Darlie’s alleged murder was that she was a superficial woman in a great deal of debt and had a low amount of money available to her

  • The medical professionals who helped Darlie with her throat injury gave a statement to police while she was still in the hospital that her injuries could have been self-inflicted

    • The Chief Medical Examiner testified in the trial that her injuries were not consistent with a self-inflicted injury

  • Investigator Jimmy Patterson was in charge of this case, which was a possible conflict of interest because his son was a potential suspect

    • His son’s car matches the neighbors’ description and was later a defendant in a drug related drive by shooting in which he was convicted

  • The court reporter admits filling a falsified record for the purpose of hiding her mistake. There were tens of thousands of reported errors in the transcript (other than typos)

    • She sold several copies to the media

    • It is speculated that her conduct delayed Darlie’s appeal for 2 years and resulted in 6 hearings that would have otherwise been unnecessary

  • The short investigation time into the murders may have lead in major oversights in the case

    • Another similar murder occurred in the same neighborhood on the same week which is still unsolved

  • Darlie was found guilty by the jury and was sentenced to death row by lethal injection and is still waiting for her execution

  • The boys’ father Darin believes her to be innocent, but they came to a mutual divorce in 2011 to end the “limbo” of their relationship since her arrest


Reasons Why She May Have Been Framed:

  • Chief Investigator looking out to avoid suspicion against his own son who was arrested and later convicted of a drug related drive by shooting along with other accomplices

  • City Mayor (who was previously charged with federal crimes) was selling high priced houses and preferred arrest to be within family rather than create stigma that this is a crime area for intruders

  • First cop to arrive at scene immediately got sick at the sight of the victims and was indisposed for some time in the bathroom. He tried to hide this by changing story of what happened

    • It may have been easier to convict her than try to rifle through tampered evidence or accept consequences of interfering with crime scene evidence