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Top Conspiracy Theories of 2017

  • Hurricanes

This feels like it happened ages ago, but the Gulf of Mexico was hit with three historically large and devastating hurricanes in 2017, from late August through September. Harvey, Irma and Maria all caused a significant amount of damage. This, of course, led conspiracy theorists to do what they do best, fear monger.


There were of course doctored photos and unverified claims that either Trump or Obama were either on the seen helping people or sitting at home laughing or playing golf. Here are just a handful of false claims that I was able to find in about 5 minutes regarding Hurricane Harvey, Ben Carson, the head of the department of housing and human development told hurricane victims “homelessness is a gift from heaven”, Hurricane Harvey accidentally revealed an ammunition stash that Obama had planned to use to take over Texas, a Texas mosque refused to help Hurricane Harvey survivors saying “If we allow Christians and Jews inside, we are violating a fundamental tenet of Islam and will be punished by Allah”, fake twitter accounts posted things like #HarveyLootCrew alongside pictures of black men and Black Lives Matter hashtags, anyone who rescues an animal from danger caused by Harvey could be prosecuted for theft of an animal in Texas.


My person favorite a 2005 movie called “Category 7: The End of the World” had hurricanes named Harvey and Irma, this is not merely a coincidence. It is a slip up from the government who are trying to control the weather.


11 years and 9 months ago a movie came out called “Category 7 End of the World” and there were only two episodes called “Harvey” and “Irma”! Read that over a few times until it sinks in! These are NOT “storms”, but predictive program attacks on the American people that they told “U.S.” about in the Hollywood black magic ritual of telling their victims exactly how you intend to take their lives. The second hurricane called IRMA in the movie struck the United States on 9/11, and guess when this storm is suppose to hit “U.S.”? This is way too much of a “coincidence” for even the casual observer to ignore.


HAARP book by Nick Begich about governement’s plan to control the environment.

High-frequency active auroral research program. Low-frequency, no longer operated by the government. University of Alaska Anchorage Begich has been invited to open house.

Used another method


In the movie, a hurricane named Eduardo strikes Florida and Washington, D.C., while an unnamed Category 6 storm hits New York. Eventually the two combine, causing the movie’s eponymous Category 7 storm, which threatens a global catastrophe.

Atlantic hurricanes are named from a prescribed list of names that are rotated every six years and published in advance. So we already know the list of potential hurricane names for 2018, 2019, and every year for the foreseeable future, unless they are changed by the World Meteorological Association. There was a Hurricane Harvey, for example, in 2011 and a Tropical Storm Harvey in 2005 and 1999. Had the filmmakers named their fictional storms Harvey or Irma, they could easily have chosen them from the same publicly available list.


  • Las Vegas Shooting

Popular completely untrue conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas Shooting, there was a second gunman who fired at the crowd, the security guard at the Mandalay Bay Casino named Jesus Campos was an accomplice rather than an aid to police (resulting in people stalking him and camping out in front of his house), the shooter was a left wing, anti-Trump militant, a woman started screaming warning about the shooting 45 minutes before it happened, mass shootings are all a result of the side effects of psychotropic medication, everyone at the concert was a paid actor, Antifa were behind the Las Vegas shootings


A page named “Melbourne Antifa” seem to claim responsibility for the attack when they posted a status that said “one of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay”. Picked up by The Daily Mail and Puppet String News with no verification or investigation. The page had been pegged as fake before the shooting took place at least by June of 2017 if not before.


  • Antifa

In August 2017, rumors began to spread on social media that antifa was planning extended unrest, riots, killing random citizens, or outright civil war beginning on 4 November 2017. Depending on the source, “antifa” was supposedly planning extended riots and joint violence alongside Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers, or even a coup of the American government.

The rumors seem to have originated from a video originally published on 30 August 2017 by an individual named Jordan Peltz. Peltz was widely (and incorrectly) identified as a “U.S. Marshal” in the video, which shows him wearing what looked like an official badge that is actually simply printed on his shirt. Petlz claimed that he had insider knowledge that Antifa was planning an armed insurrection on this day.

Rumors of armed insurrection and many false claims were made including a claim that Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Barack Hussein Obama was part of a gang that beat up a 97-year old woman.


  • Roy Moore

Even if you don’t live in America you probably heard about Roy Moore. He was the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was dismissed for erecting a monument of the Ten Commandments in the supreme court and refusing to take it down who decided to run for Congress in Alabama. During his campaign shocking allegations came to light that claimed Roy Moore either had or attempted to have sex with numerous teenage girls.


This led to a number of different conspiracies and allegations including one that said that either the Washington Post (who reported the story) was lying or Moore’s accusers were. The Post was accused of offering a thousand dollars for accustion while someone started cold calling people in Alabama pretending to be a Post reporter named “Bernie Bernstein”. The person spoke in an over the top New York accent and claimed to be offering money for damaging information about Roy Moore. The email that was given to contact the report was fake and the Post claimed to have no record of a Bernie Bernstein working in their office.


There were false or unverified allegations that were made against Moore, however, one popular allegation was that Roy Moore was banned from a mall in the 80s for harassing young women. While there are multiple people who claim this to be true and act as if it was common knowledge, it’s not verifiable. There are no mall banning records or any way to prove that this happened. Plus, most people are just talking about a rumor that they heard.


There were accusations that Roy Moore authored a textbook that claimed women shouldn’t hold political office and everyone was morally obligated to vote against any woman. This was also untrue. He was involved in a study course which argued that women should not hold political office but he didn’t write the chapter that claimed it.


There were also outlandish claims that Roy Moore said things like, Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress, that 9/11 happened because America wasn’t Christian enough, Obama wasn’t born in the United States, that homosexual conduct should be illegal, and even referred to native americans and asian americans as “reds and yellows”. (This really did happen)


  • Fake Melania

Another very popular conspiracy theory was that Melania Trump had secretly been replaced by a body double. There have been a lot of theories about Melania that she wants to leave Trump or that she is being held hostage, but the idea that Melania had been replaced by a body double reached mainstream media in October 2017. The video, which shows a CNN broadcast of an interview with Trump while Melania stood in the background, was recorded by someone with their phone who claimed to have noticed some discrepancies. Quickly side by side comparison photos circulated across the internet with people speculating that Melania had either left Trump or needed additional security. While the video that was circulated certainly doesn’t look like Melania, it also doesn’t look like the original broadcast. When compared to the original CNN footage, it's obvious that whoever recorded this just needs to adjust the settings on their TV.