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The Oklahoma Octopus

Minnesota is the land of 1,000 lakes but most states aren’t so lucky

  • Kansas- 4 natural lakes

  • Maryland- None

  • Oklahoma- Despite having the most man-made lakes in the country, only has oxbow or dry lakes. (Oklahoma- Choctaw words Okla-people homa-red)

Oklahoma lakes are among the most deadly in the country.

  • According to a very reputable website that claims the CDC is suppressing drowning statistics, Oklahoma has the 3rd highest drowning rate per capita with 2 drownings for every 100,000 people.

  • According to the Army corp of Engineers office in Tulsa, the rate of drownings was higher in 2008 than it had been since……… 2001.

    • The Oklahoma Lake Patrol reported a 40% increase in drownings from 2007 to 2008 (The source also cited The Lost Tapes)

  • In 2007 there was a tragic incident in which a 7 year old boy.

    • Swimming with family

    • Boy swam out too far

    • The boy began to panic

      • Said something was pulling him under

    • Police said they didn’t know if there was any undercurrent or undertow

    • No information on if his body was ever found

  • What pulled this boy under?

    • A current?

    • A shifting sandbar?

    • The fact that he was in a river?

    • No, it was… an octopus.

  • Yes, according to people, apparently, a man killing octopus is the reason for the increase in drowning in Oklahoma.

    • Oologah Lake near Tulsa

    • Lake Tenkiller near the border with Arkansas

      • Very popular among scuba divers

    • Lake Thunderbird, “Lake Dirty Bird” near Norman

  • The octopus is said to have a reddish brown, leathery skin, long tentacles and be about the size of a horse

  • But why would the drownings be caused by an octopus?

  • Why wouldn’t they?

    • No freshwater octopi

      • Other saltwater sea creatures have been known to survive in freshwater

        • Sharks

        • Jellyfish

      • Octopi are extremely adaptable

        • Populate every type of environment

        • Even been known to walk on land

      • An octopus has been caught in an Oklahoma lake

    • Fossil records show that Oklahoma was once covered by shallow seas

      • As the shallow seas receded, could an octopus have been trapped establishing a hidden colony that has gone completely unnoticed by humans for thousands of years?

    • All of these lakes are man made which means they connect to rivers

      • Octopi swim up rivers like salmon

      • Baby octopi get picked up during the water cycle