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The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Zach have you ever been to South Carolina?

-Insert hilarious Carolina goofs here.

I’ve never been to South Carolina but I’m assuming it’s a terrible place. It was the first state to secede from the union during the civil war, it has absolutely no cultural touchstones, it’s in the south so I’m assuming it’s super humid all the time, and there’s a 7 foot tall bipedal lizard man who is out to kill you.


For this week’s mystery we need to go back to the late 80s. We need to go to where the stars at night are clear and bright clap clap clap clap deep in the heart of Lee county South Carolina. As a quick side note I cannot think of a worse worse name for a county in the southern united states than Lee county.


If we go back to the year 1987 in Lee county South Carolina we’ll run into a young boy named George Holliman Jr. It’s early one fall morning in 1987 and young little Georgie is biking along the roads near Scape Ore Swamp. He’s obviously pedalling pretty hard because George is getting pretty thirsty. He stops his bike near a babbling brook and finds something more than the parasites and digestive illness you would expect from drinking from a swamp. He relaxed and started to light a cigarette. (it was here where I found a conflicting report that George was not a little boy but instead a 31 year old man who was biking past midnight) As Georgie began to puff at his cigarette something caught his eye. Across the street George noticed a weird looking tree. It looked like it had been hit by lightning leaving only an odd discolored stump. Suddenly the stump began to move. Just then a car wizzed past George and as it did he noticed the stump had glowing red eyes. This wasn’t a stump at all! It was some kind of reptilian/humanoid creature! Just as quickly as it had appeared it vanished again diving back into the swamp.


Fast forward to June 29th, 1988. Here we’ll find a 17 year old boy named Christopher Davis. When we find him Chris is driving near Scape Ore Swamp early in the morning. Suddenly a tire blows out of his 1976 Toyota Celica. Chris is able to maintain control of the vehicle but has to pull over on a road exit to Scape Ore Swamp. He sets to work replacing the tire. He took the old one off and put the spare on without incident but when he went to put his tools back in the trunk he heard a strange pounding sound behind him. Chris looked back and saw something running across a field toward him. It was about 25 yards away and had red glowing eyes. Chris panicked and ran back to his car. He quickly locked the door before the thing could grab the door handle. Next to the driver’s side door he could get a good look at it, it had three big fingers with long black nails and rough green skin. The thing then jumped on the roof of Chris’s car and he heard a grunt before seeing three long fingers spill onto the windshield.Chris took off and was able to shake the creature off his car and escape. Chris made it home in a panic and it reportedly took quite some time before he calmed down enough to tell his parents what happened. Chris’s dad went to the card and found the driver’s side mirror had been twisted around violently several times and there were deep scratches on the roof. The family kept the incident to themselves for several weeks until reports came out of this next incident.


Shortly after Chris’s encounter, on July 14th 1988, we’ll meet the Wares. On the morning of July 14th the Wares called the Lee county sheriff's department to report some strange vandalism. Their car, which was parked on a back road in Lee County had been badly damaged during the night. The car’s hood ornament was crushed, the electrical wiring had been ripped from the underside of the car, and there were strange scratched all over the body of the vehicle. The police didn’t know what could have caused these damages and to add to the confusion they found several three-toed footprints nearby which measure around 14 inches in length. After further analysis it was determined that the tracks weren’t left by a known animal.


In the summer of 1988 twelve more people claimed to see the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp. Some people were chased by the creature and others were slowly being followed until the creature was spotted and ran away. There were also more reports of mutilated cars. On July 24th four teenagers on a double date saw a massive looking thing run across the road about 20 feet in front of them. Shortly after receiving this initial report the police received several more reports of howling and screeching coming from the same area. Officers were dispatched to the area and discover three 40 gallon cardboards drums smashed and scattered all over the road. Several trees also had their tops torn off about 8 feet off the ground. There were also more 3 toed footprints measuring 14 inches long by 7 inches wide that followed a trail almost 900 feet into the swamp itself.


After the summer of 1988 citings slowly stopped, but there have been a few more in recent years. In 1990 a woman and her five children saw a strange creature appear of of nowhere on the interstate near scape ore swamp. The creature lunged toward the passenger side of the car before running off. The witness said she could only see it from the waist but but she could tell it was big and definitely not a deer or a bear although it had brown hair.


In 2015, a woman, who only identified by her first name Sarah, claimed to have taken a single picture of the Lizard Man with her phone after stepping outside her church on Sunday, August 2. Shortly after the picture went viral, a hunter who wished to remain unidentified released a 25-second-long video that he had taken in the woods near the same area, depicting a dark figure briefly moving through the trees in the distance, saying that he filmed it in May and kept its existence a secret until Sarah released her picture.



  • Lies

    • Tourism

    • Hoax

  • Truth

    • The lizardman is real

    • Reptilians?

  • Neither

    • Probably a bear