A comedy mystery podcast in which two friends discuss a weekly mystery.

Zach Witman

  • Introductory statements

    • The boys, the parents, the setting, etc.

  • The brothers’ good relationship

  • The crime

    • Zach home sick and sleeping upstairs, Ron in Chicago, Sue at work

    • 3:05--Greg gets off bus

    • 3:09--first phone call from Erin.

    • 3:10--Greg gets home; immediately attacked

    • 3:15--second phone call from Erin, Zach wakes up, hears scuffle, goes downstairs, finds Greg.

    • 3:17--Zach calls 911

    • 3:24--EMS and police arrive

    • Zach taken to hospital; sweatshirt, socks, bloody towel from finger collected as evidence.

  • Physical Evidence

    • Bloody footprints go out and come back inside

    • Mound found outside with gloves and knife

    • Zach’s clothes

    • The case for Zach

    • The case against Zach.

  • Theories for third-party attacker?

  • Verdicts