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Top Conspiracy Theories of 2017

  • Hurricanes

This feels like it happened ages ago, but the Gulf of Mexico was hit with three historically large and devastating hurricanes in 2017, from late August through September. Harvey, Irma and Maria all caused a significant amount of damage. This, of course, led conspiracy theorists to do what they do best, fear monger.


There were of course doctored photos and unverified claims that either Trump or Obama were either on the seen helping people or sitting at home laughing or playing golf. Here are just a handful of false claims that I was able to find in about 5 minutes regarding Hurricane Harvey, Ben Carson, the head of the department of housing and human development told hurricane victims “homelessness is a gift from heaven”, Hurricane Harvey accidentally revealed an ammunition stash that Obama had planned to use to take over Texas, a Texas mosque refused to help Hurricane Harvey survivors saying “If we allow Christians and Jews inside, we are violating a fundamental tenet of Islam and will be punished by Allah”, fake twitter accounts posted things like #HarveyLootCrew alongside pictures of black men and Black Lives Matter hashtags, anyone who rescues an animal from danger caused by Harvey could be prosecuted for theft of an animal in Texas.


My person favorite a 2005 movie called “Category 7: The End of the World” had hurricanes named Harvey and Irma, this is not merely a coincidence. It is a slip up from the government who are trying to control the weather.


11 years and 9 months ago a movie came out called “Category 7 End of the World” and there were only two episodes called “Harvey” and “Irma”! Read that over a few times until it sinks in! These are NOT “storms”, but predictive program attacks on the American people that they told “U.S.” about in the Hollywood black magic ritual of telling their victims exactly how you intend to take their lives. The second hurricane called IRMA in the movie struck the United States on 9/11, and guess when this storm is suppose to hit “U.S.”? This is way too much of a “coincidence” for even the casual observer to ignore.


HAARP book by Nick Begich about governement’s plan to control the environment.

High-frequency active auroral research program. Low-frequency, no longer operated by the government. University of Alaska Anchorage Begich has been invited to open house.

Used another method


In the movie, a hurricane named Eduardo strikes Florida and Washington, D.C., while an unnamed Category 6 storm hits New York. Eventually the two combine, causing the movie’s eponymous Category 7 storm, which threatens a global catastrophe.

Atlantic hurricanes are named from a prescribed list of names that are rotated every six years and published in advance. So we already know the list of potential hurricane names for 2018, 2019, and every year for the foreseeable future, unless they are changed by the World Meteorological Association. There was a Hurricane Harvey, for example, in 2011 and a Tropical Storm Harvey in 2005 and 1999. Had the filmmakers named their fictional storms Harvey or Irma, they could easily have chosen them from the same publicly available list.


  • Las Vegas Shooting

Popular completely untrue conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas Shooting, there was a second gunman who fired at the crowd, the security guard at the Mandalay Bay Casino named Jesus Campos was an accomplice rather than an aid to police (resulting in people stalking him and camping out in front of his house), the shooter was a left wing, anti-Trump militant, a woman started screaming warning about the shooting 45 minutes before it happened, mass shootings are all a result of the side effects of psychotropic medication, everyone at the concert was a paid actor, Antifa were behind the Las Vegas shootings


A page named “Melbourne Antifa” seem to claim responsibility for the attack when they posted a status that said “one of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay”. Picked up by The Daily Mail and Puppet String News with no verification or investigation. The page had been pegged as fake before the shooting took place at least by June of 2017 if not before.


  • Antifa

In August 2017, rumors began to spread on social media that antifa was planning extended unrest, riots, killing random citizens, or outright civil war beginning on 4 November 2017. Depending on the source, “antifa” was supposedly planning extended riots and joint violence alongside Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers, or even a coup of the American government.

The rumors seem to have originated from a video originally published on 30 August 2017 by an individual named Jordan Peltz. Peltz was widely (and incorrectly) identified as a “U.S. Marshal” in the video, which shows him wearing what looked like an official badge that is actually simply printed on his shirt. Petlz claimed that he had insider knowledge that Antifa was planning an armed insurrection on this day.

Rumors of armed insurrection and many false claims were made including a claim that Malia Obama, the daughter of former President Barack Hussein Obama was part of a gang that beat up a 97-year old woman.


  • Roy Moore

Even if you don’t live in America you probably heard about Roy Moore. He was the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who was dismissed for erecting a monument of the Ten Commandments in the supreme court and refusing to take it down who decided to run for Congress in Alabama. During his campaign shocking allegations came to light that claimed Roy Moore either had or attempted to have sex with numerous teenage girls.


This led to a number of different conspiracies and allegations including one that said that either the Washington Post (who reported the story) was lying or Moore’s accusers were. The Post was accused of offering a thousand dollars for accustion while someone started cold calling people in Alabama pretending to be a Post reporter named “Bernie Bernstein”. The person spoke in an over the top New York accent and claimed to be offering money for damaging information about Roy Moore. The email that was given to contact the report was fake and the Post claimed to have no record of a Bernie Bernstein working in their office.


There were false or unverified allegations that were made against Moore, however, one popular allegation was that Roy Moore was banned from a mall in the 80s for harassing young women. While there are multiple people who claim this to be true and act as if it was common knowledge, it’s not verifiable. There are no mall banning records or any way to prove that this happened. Plus, most people are just talking about a rumor that they heard.


There were accusations that Roy Moore authored a textbook that claimed women shouldn’t hold political office and everyone was morally obligated to vote against any woman. This was also untrue. He was involved in a study course which argued that women should not hold political office but he didn’t write the chapter that claimed it.


There were also outlandish claims that Roy Moore said things like, Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress, that 9/11 happened because America wasn’t Christian enough, Obama wasn’t born in the United States, that homosexual conduct should be illegal, and even referred to native americans and asian americans as “reds and yellows”. (This really did happen)


  • Fake Melania

Another very popular conspiracy theory was that Melania Trump had secretly been replaced by a body double. There have been a lot of theories about Melania that she wants to leave Trump or that she is being held hostage, but the idea that Melania had been replaced by a body double reached mainstream media in October 2017. The video, which shows a CNN broadcast of an interview with Trump while Melania stood in the background, was recorded by someone with their phone who claimed to have noticed some discrepancies. Quickly side by side comparison photos circulated across the internet with people speculating that Melania had either left Trump or needed additional security. While the video that was circulated certainly doesn’t look like Melania, it also doesn’t look like the original broadcast. When compared to the original CNN footage, it's obvious that whoever recorded this just needs to adjust the settings on their TV.

The Vampire of San Francisco

MysteriYES: Rachel Takes Over because Willy is too Busy to Write Edition!!


  • Shaking things up a bit because this week is less of an unsolved mystery, but more of a not-so-friendly reminder, to lock your gosh-darn doors.

  • This week we will be covering Richard Chase, also known as the Vampire of Sacramento. This research is sourced by Wikipedia and My Favorite Murder-- great podcast.

    • Fair warning, this is rather gruesome and has cannibalism, extreme violence, etc. I did leave out a few details (not because I got lazy, of course not) that were overly gruesome,  but this episode will still be a little graphic and unsettling, as there is animal abuse, brutal rape and murder and cannibalism.

  • Richard chase was born on May 23, 1950 in Santa Clara, California. Early on it was clear that Chase was doomed and basically destined to become a serial killer

    • By the age of 10 it was evidenced that he had signs of the Macdonald triad which include: persistent bedwetting, cruelty to animals and obsession with arson

    • If two or three factors of the factors are present in a child’s behavior, it is said to be predictive of violence later in life such as homicidal and sexually predatory behavior

    • Studies suggest that these stem from a history of parental neglect, abuse or brutality.

    • Chase claimed that his mother abused him and other sources say that his father was abusive or that both of his parents were strict and rageful.

  • During his teen years, Chase obsession with killing animals began to grow and also became an alcoholic and drug abuser.

    • Chase was said to mostly have “normal” behaviors as he entered high school, but began to dabble with marijuana and LSD

    • He also had been in a few relationships, but couldn't maintain any of them because he suffered from erectile dysfunction which doctors determined he suffered from due to “repressed anger.”

    • Additionally, around this age he began to develop hypochondria, which is being abnormally anxious about your health (maybe it had to do with all the drug use).

      • He would go to doctors saying that his heart would occasionally “stop beating” and would claim that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery (carries deoxygenated blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs; clearly he went down a WebMD rabbit hole or some 1970s equivalent)

      • He also believed that his cranial bones had become separated and were moving around

      • ADDITIONALLY he was convinced his mother was poisoning him.

  • Eventually, his parents moved him out and paid for him to live on his own in an apartment. It was then when he became really obsessed with animal blood

    • Chase’s roommates complained about him constantly being drunk or high, and always walking around naked, even with guests over. They wanted him to move out, but he refused, so instead all of his roommates moved out.

    • He would catch, kill and eat animals raw (birds, rabbits, etc). Chase believed that drinking their blood would help with many of his health problems, including preventing his heart from drinking.

    • Despite his alcoholism, his go-to drink was animal blood blended with coca-cola.

  • In 1976, Chase was involuntarily committed to a mental institution for injecting rabbit’s blood into his veins.

    • Prior to this, Chase was briefly in a psychiatric ward in 1973; likely for his hypochondria

    • While in the institution, staff members and other patients had nicknamed Chase “Dracula” because of his fixation with blood.

    • One day, a nurse caught him covered in blood and later dead birds were discovered outside of his windows. He had managed to catch birds and drink their blood and toss them back out the window.

    • Chase was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but it was argue that he was also dealing with drug-induced psychosis.

    • After months of treatment and being on medication, Chase was released and was deemed to no longer be a threat to himself or society.

    • His wonderful, caring mother gradually weaned him off his medications (probs to take them herself) and paid for him to move out and live in an apartment.

  • And if you thought things were bad, it’s only going to get worse from here.

    • So he’s off his meds, living alone after being diagnosed with schizophrenia.

    • He became fascinated with the Hillside Strangler and believed that him and the Stranger were both victims of the Nazi/UFO conspiracy he believed he was victim of.

    • He neglected in personal health and hygiene and at 5’11”, he only weighed 145lb.m

    • Just as an appetizer to the murders, let’s talk about a fun little episode where Chase almost got arrested

      • In August 1977, Chase was found on a reservation in the Lake Tahoe area, soaked in blood, with a truck full of guns and buckets of blood.

      • Alas, do not fear, he was not arrested as it was /only/ cow’s blood. Nothing to worry about, guys.

      • Also in December of 1977, he shot into the home of a sacramento woman, but did not harm anyone. However, two days later, he would commit his first murder.


    • Richard Chase killed six people in the span of a month. His first victim was Ambrose Griffin, a 51-year-old engineer and father of two. Chase shot Griffin on December 29, 1977 in a drive-by shooting.

    • Two weeks later, he began to walk around, trying doors. He later said that if the doors were locked that he took that to mean he wasn’t welcome, but if they were unlocked, he was welcome and could walk on in.

      • A woman claimed to have seen him attempting to open her back door, a window and then her front door. Since all of them were locked, he moved on.

    • On January 21, 1978, Chase broke into the house of Teresa Wallin who was three months pregnant at the time. He shot her three times and then (this gets really gruesome) raped her body while stabbing her with a butcher knife. He then removed multiple organs from her body, and drank her blood. She was later found by her husband, David Wallin, after her returned home from work.

    • It honestly gets more upsetting from here, and I’m also getting tired of this research thing (Willy, Zach..I get it now).

    • On January 27th, Chase killed four more people. His other victims include Evenlyn Miroth, 38 her son Jason Miroth, 6, her nephew David Ferreria, 22-months and her friend Daniel Meredith, 52. Chase again raped Miroth’s corpse and drank her blood.

      • I am not going to go into further detail because believe it or not, this was even more violent and gruesome than the murder of Teresa Wallin

      • This crime scene led to Chase being caught as there were handprints and shoe imprints everywhere.

    • Another thing that led to Richard Chase being linked to the murders, was an encounter he had with a former classmate, Nancy Holden, on January 23rd.

      • Earlier that day, he was caught in the house of Robert and Barbara Edwards, but got away. The police determined that he was searching for the house for valuables, but it was also found that he had urinated in a drawer of baby’s clothing and defecated on the child’s bed. Not super relevant to the next part of what I”m going to share, but super weird.

      • Holden was in the Town and Country Village shopping center when Chase approached her and asked “Were you on the motorcycle when Kurt was killed?”

      • Ten years prior, Nancy was dating a boy named Kurt who was killed on a motorcycle. After asking who he was, Nancy was shocked to see how disheveled her former classmate had become.

      • After talking to him for a few minutes, Nancy was able to get out of the store while Chase was paying, but Chase followed her to her car, hoping for a ride. Nancy immediately locked her car, roll up the windows and drive away before she could be stopped (***AS YOU SHOULD, if you feel like you’re in a bad situation, go ahead and be rude; it could save your life. As the ladies from my favorite murder would say, “f*ck politeness” you never know who and what you could be dealing with***)

      • Because of this encounter, Nancy was later able to identify Chase from police sketches.

  • Things began to add up and Richard Chase was (finally) arrested.

    • While Chase was in custody, the police searched his apartment and found that blood was everywhere. The kitchen was full of bloodstained food and drinking glasses, there were small pieces of bone and body parts i the refrigerator.

    • There are more gruesome details that I’m choosing to omit, but something freaky was that a calendar had “today” written on the days of the Wallin and Miroth murders and the same word was written on 44 future dates.

    • Chase’s trial began on January 2, 1979 and he was charged with six counts of murder and there were 250 prosecution exhibits and nearly one hundred witnesses.

    • While on stand, Chase claimed that he was semi-conscious during the Wallin murder and additionally said that he believed his problems stemmed from his inability to have sex with girls as a teenager and that he was sorry for the killings.

  • FBI Interview

    • FBI profilers interviewed Richard Chase to add info on criminal psychology to their database. Here are some of the things that Chase had said

      • Chase believed that is blood was turning into powder back in 1976 and that is why he began drinking blood

        • He was convinced that if you lift the soap from a soapdish and it’s gooey, you have soap dish poisoning, but if it is dry you are safe. The poisoning turns your blood to powder and that powder then depletes your energy and eats away at your body.

      • He tormented and killed many pets (cats and dogs) leading up to his murders

      • Chase said that he first killed someone because his mom would not allow him to visit for Christmas and was “just shooting his gun out the window of his car”

      • Chase claimed that he was Jewish and had been persecuted by Nazi because he had the Star of David on his forehead (he didn’t). He said that the Nazis were connected to UFOs which had telepathically commanded him to kill to replenish his blood.

      • At the end of the interview, Chase pulled out a handful of macaroni and cheese from his pocket and asked for it to be analyzed for poison.

  • Inmates were either scared or taunted Chase and encouraged him to kill himself

  • On December 26th, 1980, Chase was found dead in his bunk. The coroner determined that he had stocked up and overdosed on his daily dose of  Sinequan for hallucinations and depression.

Travel Edition: Carrie Nation, A New War Dawns

In this very special edition of MysteriYES Zach and Willy are on the run from the NSA. We also discuss something that isn't a mystery and declare war on the podcast Small Town Murder. They know what they did.

Sneha Philips

  • Sneha Anne Philip

    • Doctor working at hospital on Staten Island

    • Married to Ron Lieberman, also a doctor

    • Rented an apartment in Manhattan, a few blocks from the WTC.

  • September 10, 2001

    • Ron went to work. Sneha had 10th and 11th off.

    • She stayed home doing chores to prepare for a visit from a cousin two days later.

    • Had a two hour IM chat w/ Mom; mentioned plan to visit Windows on the World.

    • At 4 pm, she signed off, dropped off clothes at dry cleaner, and made a large purchase at Century 21 department store using their American Express card..

    • Security camera footage captured here is last evidence of her existence.

    • Ron returned to the apartment after midnight. Sneha wasn’t there.

    • He figured she was out late or would be staying out all night, which had apparently become a habit.

    • Determined to tell her to call so he’d know she was okay, then went to bed.

  • September 11, 2001

    • Around 4 am, there was an unknown call placed from the apartment landline to Ron’s cell phone.

      • He thinks that in his sleep he may have used the house phone to check his cell phone voicemail, but isn’t sure.

    • Ron got up at 6:30; Sneha still not home. He went to work.

    • At 8:46, American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North tower of the WTC.

      • At 9:03, United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the South tower.

      • At 9:59, the South tower collapsed, burned for 56 minutes.

      • At 10:28, the North tower collapsed, burned for 102 minutes.

      • A huge cloud of dust and rubble filled the area.

    • It took Ron forever to get home, and when he finally did, he found no evidence that Sneha had come home.

      • A huge amount of dust had come through the open windows, but only cat tracks, no human tracks.

    • Ron reported her missing, but thousands of people were reported missing that day and so her disappearance didn’t make a big splash.

    • Her brother told reporters that he had last spoken to her during the attack and that she had suggested she would go to help, since she was a doctor.

      • This was a lie to try and get people to pay attention.

      • Instead, she just got lumped in with the other missing people.

  • Ron’s investigation

    • Ron didn’t believe she died in the attacks.

    • He found out that Sneha had been seen the evening of the 10th by a Century 21 employee, who claimed to have seen Sneha with another woman, possibly Indian.

    • When Ron found the security footage, she was alone.

    • Ron hired a private investigator named Gallant.

      • Gallant found security camera footage from the lobby of the apartment on the morning of the 11th, timestamped 843 am, around the time Ron said Sneha normally came home from her nights out.

      • Could have been Sneha, but there was poor contrast and sunlight that kept her from being positively identified.

      • The woman didn’t have bags from the shopping trip.

      • She looks as if she’s going to get on the elevator, but then abruptly leaves, presumably because of Flight 11’s crash into the North tower.

    • Gallant found no evidence of Sneha trying to flee.

    • Instead suggested that she saw the attack and then, being so close, rushed to the scene to help wherever she could, eventually dying in the towers or as a result of their collapse.

  • NYPD investigation

    • It took awhile before NYPD could investigate.

    • When they did, they came to a different conclusion.

    • They found that earlier in the year, Sneha had worked at a different hospital called Cabrini, and had been fired due to repeated tardiness and alcohol related issues.

    • Shortly thereafter, went out to a bar with coworkers.

      • She claimed that a fellow coworker touched her inappropriately, but she was charged with falsely reporting an incident and was held in jail overnight.

    • After being fired, she started spending nights out at gay and lesbian bars.

      • NYPD stated that sometimes she left with women.

      • Police also claim her brother walked in on Sneha having sex with the brother’s girlfriend, but he denies this.

    • At her new job at the hospital on Staten Island, she was having similar problems as at Cabrini. She was off work on the 10th and 11th because she was suspended for missing an appointment with a substance abuse counselor.

    • On the morning of the 10th, she was formally arraigned for the charge of falsely reporting an incident.

      • At the courthouse, she fought loudly with Ron about her problems and all the nights out.

    • NYPD basically suggested that something else had happened to Sneha. Either she’d met an unseemly character while out on the 10th, or she had fled her life due to mounting issues.

  • Ron and the rest of Sneha’s family dispute the NYPD investigation.

    • They claimed she’d been fired from Cabrini due to being a whistleblower regarding racial and sexual prejudice.

    • Ron also claimed that her visits to lesbian bars were a result of her not wanting to be inappropriately touched by a coworker again, and that when she went home with women, they never had sex.

    • He agreed that she’d been drinking quite a bit, but stated that this was a temporary situation due to her depression regarding being fired from Cabrini.

    • Ron claimed that they never had a fight at the courthouse, and Sneha’s brother said that he never caught Sneha having sex with his girlfriend.

  • Was she a 9/11 victim?



      This is not an episode of My Favorite Murder. It is an episode of MysteriYES.


      There was quite a battle between the courts and the family regarding whether she should be considered a 9/11 victim.
    • There is no clear evidence of her being at the towers, but also no clear evidence that she wasn’t. (No physical remains have been found for over 1000 of the nearly 3000 victims of the attacks)

    • Eventually, her name was added to the list of victims at the memorial and she was declared the 2751st victims of the attack  in New York.

The Dover Demon

Is My Favorite Murder a good podcast?

My Favorite Murder if they were Scully from The X-Files

No, it is a podcast that stole the brilliant ideas of MysteriYES. When judging podcasts there are a number of different things to consider. The first and most important is who had the idea of creating a comedy mystery podcast first?

Some people will argue that whoever published their podcast first ought to receive the credit. This is simply untrue. The fact of the matter is that MysteriYES had the brilliant idea first.

It's unclear if My Favorite Murder incepted the hosts of MysteriYES. Perhaps they have some kind of Freddy Kruger powers and were able to climb into their dreams. Regardless the final answer to that question is, no. My Favorite Murder is a bad podcast because they are 100% definitely idea thieves.

Tracey Mertens

  • Tracey Mertens

    • Had moved from Birmingham to Rochdale in November, with her long-term boyfriend Joey Kavanagh.

      • Her family described the relationship as “strained” at times.

      • She spent the summer of 1994 with her sister in Rochdale, saying that she had left Joey (who was still living in Birmingham at the time) and was trying to hide from him. Sister said that she was acting strangely, like she was scared of something. A few weeks later she moved back to Birmingham with him.

    • 31 years old in 1994 when the crime took place.

    • Mother of two who, according to family, “lived for her children.”

  • Abduction

    • On December 22nd, she returned to Birmingham to gather some belongings and their benefits book from her old house.

    • Stayed overnight at at her sister’s house, then went to the house the following morning, December 23rd.

    • Shortly before noon, after she’d been in the apartment for ten minutes, there was a knock on the door.

      • Two black men, in their early thirties, overweight, wearing brown leather baseball hats and black leather coats.

      • Tracey believed they spoke in a foreign language, and police believe this was probably some sort of Caribbean accent.

    • Police believe that the two men snatched her, blindfolded her, and tossed her into the back of a yellow Mark II Ford escort packed outside.

      • This was considered a distinctive car.

  • Murder

    • Taken 70 miles away to a Christchurch in the village of Eaton in Cheshire about five hours later.

    • She was doused in gasoline and then set on fire on the church steps.

    • Found by a passerby and her attackers were gone.

    • She was taken to the hospital.

    • Had suffered 90-95% burns.

    • She survived long enough to tell detectives what happened to her.

    • She died in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

  • Investigation

    • Detectives spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day interviewing family members.

    • Apparently, there was a witness walking by Tracey’s home as the two men were forcing her into the car, but police have never been able to track him down.

    • In 1995, a Birmingham man was charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

      • Case was dropped due to insufficient evidence.

    • It seems police were able to find very little information regarding the case other than what Tracey was able to tell them.

    • The case was featured on Crimewatch in 2010 and 2012 after advances in forensic technology gave detectives a DNA profile of the killer.

    • Detectives gathered and followed up 100 tips after the 2010 broadcast, but none of them were particularly helpful.

    • There is still a 30,000 pound reward for details leading to a conviction.

  • Theories

    • Joey

      • Habitual drug user

      • Admitted he owed people money at the time of Tracey’s death.

      • Abductors allegedly asked, “Where’s Joey?”

        • Reddit user suggest they were Yardies (British term for Jamaican expatriates) whose gangs are known for drug trafficking and gang violence in the United Kingdom.

        • There was a large influx of Jamaican immigration to Britain in the 1980s, which led to a rise in gang violence committed by Jamaican immigrants.

        • There is active Yardie gang activity in Birmingham, although to a lesser extent than in many other large British cities.

      • Perhaps Joey owed someone money and they went to attack him, but took her instead.

      • Has maintained that he was not the cause of the murder and didn’t know anyone who would do something so brutal to her.

    • Mistake

      • Could they have gone to the wrong house?

    • Opportunistic attack

      • Could she have merely misunderstood what happened due to trauma?

      • If there was a prejudice against Yardies, perhaps?

      • I don’t know.

      • I can’t make up my own theories.

      • This is stupid.

      • I hate this podcast.

      • Just kidding, I love it.

Jodi Husentruit

Jodi Huisentruit

  • 27 year old news anchor in Mason City Iowa in 1995

    • Graduated from St. Cloud State University

    • Became the Iowa City bureau chief for KGAN in Cedar Rapids then was a reporter for KSAX in Alexandria Minnesota

    • Finally became the morning news anchor for KIMT in Mason City Iowa

  • Jodi lived 5 minutes from the studio and would often have to walk to work very early in the morning.

  • June 27th 1995

    • Showed up late to work

      • Her producer called her at 4AM asking where she was

        • She answered

      • When she didn’t show up her producer called again at 5 AM

        • No answer

    • Producer filled Jodi’s role then called police at 7 AM

  • Police dispatched

    • No sign of Jodi

    • Inside of apartment looked normal

    • Signs of struggle near her brand new (June 13th) red Mazda Miada

      • Bent key suggests she was attacked while unlocking her car

      • Struggle stretch out over the entire parking lot

      • Police found Jodi’s keys, a pair of her shoes, her jewelry, a can of hairspray, and a blow drier

      • Also found an unidentified hand print

      • A neighbor reported seeing a white van with its lights on parked in Jodi’s lot

      • At least 3 neighbors reported hearing a woman scream around the time Jodi disappeared

  • Jodi’s apartment was next to a park that police believe someone could have hidden out in

    • Jodi had told several people she was afraid of something and that she was being stalked

  • One of the largest manhunts in Iowa history was launched

    • Over 100 officers were either tracking down leads and interviewing people

    • Everyone who knew Jodi was questioned even those who hadn’t seen her for years

    • Searches turned up nothing

  • John Vansice

    • Participated in a golf tournament with Jodi the day before

    • Threw a birthday party for her on June 11th

    • She went back to his house after to watch the tape from her party

    • They didn’t have a romantic relationship but friends reported John wanted one

    • Passed lie detector

  • The Huisentruit family hired a private investigator from Minnesota and flew to Los Angeles to meet with 3 prominent psychics

  • The search continued for over a year

  • In June of 2008 Jodi’s personal journal was mailed to the Mason City Globe Gazette

    • Journal largely about her career goals

    • Final 3 entries June 11th, 13th, and 25th all mention John Vansice

The Orang Medan

  • Ourang Medan was a Dutch merchant freighter.

    • Name means “Man from Medan” in either Malay or Indonesian.

      • Medan is the largest city on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, which at the time was still a Dutch colony.

      • Because of this, it is believed that the ship came from Sumatra.

  • In June of 1947, or maybe February 1948, the ship was sailing from a small, unidentified Chinese port to Costa Rica, perhaps with the intent of avoiding authorities.

  • Two American ships navigating the Strait of Malacca between Sumatra and Malaysia picked up distress calls from the Ourang Medan.

    • Received morse code message: “SOS from Ourang Medan. We float. All officers including the Captain, dead in chartroom and on the bridge. Probably whole of crew dead.” There were a few meaningless dots and dashes and then: “I die.” Nothing else after that.

  • The two ships used the assistance of a British and Dutch listening posts in the area to triangulate the coordinates of the Ourang Medan.

  • The Silver Star went to lend aid to the ship.

    • It took several hours to find the ship.

    • Once it was found, there didn’t seem to be any sign of a crew.

    • Communication efforts failed.

    • Found it undamaged.

  • The crew of the Silver Star boarded the Ourang Medan.

    • Littered with corpses, including a dog.

    • Bodies were on their backs with their faces upturned; mouths and eyes open and with horror-stricken faces, perhaps screaming.

    • Arms seemed to be fighting off some unseen threat.

    • No survivors.

    • No visible signs of injuries.

    • The captain was found on the bridge, bridge officers found in wheelhouse and chart room.

    • Radio operator was found at his station.

    • Engineering crew were found at their stations.

    • The outdoor temperature was around 100 degrees, and yet the search party found the ship to be rather cold.

  • When the search party returned to the Silver Star, they decided to tow the Ourang Medan for salvage.

  • Soon after tethering the tow rope, smoke was seen billowing from below decks.

    • A fire broke out in the number four cargo hold.

    • Boarding parties were forced to evacuate.

    • Just after the tow rope was cut, the ship exploded so forcefully it jumped out of the water, and then sank.

    • No further investigation could be conducted.

  • Theories

    • A hoax

      • While there were rumors of the incident shared among salty dogs, there were no official reports until May of 1952, although this report was an official US Coast Guard report.

      • Many accounts of the story differ quite a bit.

      • There isn’t any great or reliable documentation of the event.

      • Ourang Medan was never registered and isn’t found in any record of seafaring vessels.

        • Officially, the ship didn’t exist and there is a lot of speculation about whether it was a real ship or not.

        • Just because the name was not registered doesn’t mean the ship’s name couldn’t have been unofficially changed and repainted or something.

      • The Silver Star was a real ship, though perhaps by the time of the incident (sometime in 1947) it had been acquired by the Grace Line shipping company and renamed the “Santa Juana.”

        • No mention of this incident in the Silver Star’s logbook.

        • No crew members of the Silver Star have ever come forward with the story.

      • Could have just been made up ghost story, or a story that started as one strange incident that snowballed as it was told over and over again, perhaps like stories of the Flying Dutchman.

    • Unit 731

      • Ship could have been purposely un-registered because of nefarious intentions.

      • One source states that there was potassium cyanide and nitroglycerin on board the ship, which are highly combustible.

        • To sail with these items would be highly negligent.

        • Would explain the explosion however.

      • This event took place just a few years after the end of World War II, so many have thought that this ship could have had something to do with the war, specifically with Unit 731.

        • Unit 731 was founded in 1932 by a Japanese bacteriologist named Shiro Ishii.

        • The intention was to create horrendous biological and chemical weapons for use by the Japanese military to decimate Japan’s enemies.

        • The biological experiments run by Unit 731 on prisoners of war are considered some of the worst war crimes in human history.

        • After the war, American General Douglas MacArthur covertly granted immunity to Unit 731, so long as they shared their research with the US government.

        • It is thought that perhaps the US government commissioned a seemingly non-existent ship to safely and securely transport these materials.

          • Taking a plane would have been out of the question, as a plane crash with such materials would have had devastating effects.

        • It’s suggested that sea water entered the ship’s hold and reacted with the cargo, causing poisonous gases to be released, which suffocated the crew. An increase in the amount of salt water could have reacted with the nitroglycerin would have caused the explosion.

        • If the US government was in fact behind this, it makes sense to expunge all record of such a ship, particularly in light of the Geneva Convention and its restrictions on the use of biochemical weapons in warfare.

      • Aliens

        • A UFO came upon the ship, killed the entire crew, and fled.

        • Explains the mysteriousness of the deaths, and the reason it appears as if crew members were fighting off an unseen attacker.

        • Doesn’t explain why the ship exploded or why this was just an isolated incident.

      • Boiler room fire

        • An unobserved fire or other such problem in the ship’s boiler system could have caused the incident.

        • A lot of ships at this time ran on coal for propulsion.

        • Burning coal pumps out a lot of carbon monoxide, which could have leaked up, suffocating the crew members.

        • Suffocation is a torturous way to die, so it could explain the tortured looks on the faces of the crew.

        • The boiler room fire then could have ignited the fuel and caused the eventual explosion.

      • Methane bubbles

        • Perhaps the crew was asphyxiated by clouds of methane bubbles that came up from a fissure on the seafloor.

        • This does not explain the explosion.

Corrie McKeague

Facts and timeline

  • Corrie McKeague was/is a 23 year old royal air force gunner stationed at RAF Honington in Suffolk, England.

  • On September 23rd 2016 Corrie went out with friends in the nearby town of Burrie St. Edmunds (about 10 miles away)

    • He drove his car and intended to leave it overnight

  • Around 1am he was kicked out of Flex

    • Doorman said he was friendly

  • 1:15-1:30 he was at Mama Mia getting take out

  • He took a 2 hour nap in a doorway nearby

  • He was seen at 3:25 am turning down an alleyway

  • He was never seen leaving the alley

    • Two entrances both would have caught him on camera. No way to leave without being seen

  • His phone (Nokia Lumia) traveled 12 miles to Barton Mills later in the morning. It took 28 minutes and couldn’t have been on foot.

  • His phone died or was damaged around 8 am

  • Between 3:00am and 5:00 am 39 people were captured on the same camera that last saw Corrie

    • 13 identified

  • Corrie not reported until September 26th

    • Reported by RAF

  • January 2017 the back of phone found near last known phone location

    • No way to conclusively link

  • Bins in the alley

    • Truck reported only having 33lbs (15kg). Corrie weighed 200

    • Truck was searched and nothing was found

  • Massive search is launched

    • Woods along path he would have walked home

    • Landfill

    • Incinerator

  • February 2017 family announce 50,000 reward

  • March 1 2017 a 26 year old man was arrested for attempting to pervert the course of justice

    • Charges dropped on March 7th

  • Same press conference police revealed garbage truck mistake

    • Had actually been carrying 220 lbs

  • Redoubled landfill search

    • June- “Items from the right time”

    • July- Search ended. 6,500 tons out of 20,000+

      • Spent over 1,000,000

    • September- Police released CCTV footage

    • October- Police start new landfill search

      • Adjoining area

  • Corrie’s girlfriend was pregnant

    • Neither knew when he went missing



  • Corrie ran away

    • Baby

    • Happy mood

    • Dog

    • Internet history

  • Corrie was abducted

    • Unidentified people

    • CCTV footage not thoroughly reviewed after 8

    • Access to building in alley

  • Corrie was in the dumpster

    • Murdered?

    • Nap

    • Dropped something and went in after it